Friday, November 28, 2008

Songs of Kabir

Kabir says: ...look within, and behold how the moon-beams of that Hidden One shine in you.

Welcome to my Kabir inspired blog, Moonglow's Rainbow. I am, as yet, in the process of conceptualizing...but I wanted to share with you a beautiful Kabir verse that describes bliss:

There the sky is filled with music;
There i t rains nectar:
There the harp-strings jingle, and there
the drums beat.
What a secret splendour is there, in
the mansion of the sky!
There no mention is made of the rising and
setting of the sun;
In the ocean of manifestation,which is
the light of love, day and night
are felt to be one.
Joy ever, no sorrow no stuggle!
There have I seen joy filled to the brim,
perfection of joy;
No place for error is there.
Kabir says: there have I witessed
the sport of One Bliss!"

XVII Songs of Kabir


  1. What a beautiful sentiment,may we all come to know ourselves as rainbows and moon-beams!

  2. Hi Yogini, I'm a follower on Cynthia's Oasis Writing Link blog, which is how I found your new Moonglow's Rainbow blog. Reading these Kabir Songs inspires me to explore my own inner world more. Thanks for sharing with us.


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